The Medics Plus Inc. was established on July 18, 2011. We have built a reputation for providing excellent and cost efficient event medical stand-by service. We also offer CPR, First Aid and Child Care programs. The Medics Plus Inc. was started with just one EMT, one nurse, and a dream.


      Our commitment and dedication to our community, sponsors, and event planners has allowed our company to flourish. The Medics Plus Inc. currently provides employment opportunities to a broad base of healthcare professionals. We have on- going skill building to improve our services, as well as the abilities of our employees. We believe that commitment, teamwork, loyalty, and dedication to our clients and employees are the key to a successful and reputable organization. We look to expand our services to meet our community’s demand and we look forward to growing in our field.


If you are searching for cost efficient and quality medical stand-by with plenty of available references for peace of mind. The Medics Plus should be your first call. We also offer CPR, First Aid, First Responder, and California Childcare if you are looking to get into the medical field.


For more information on event services or available classes, give us a call at (209)522-2299.

Steve Atkins



O: 209-522-2299 Ext. 1003

F: 209-846-9255

    Our Co-Founder and CEO, Stephen Atkins has worked in emergency medicine for 50 years! Starting in 1970 he started working as a janitor then working his way to becoming an orderly 6 months later. In 1972 he became a respiratory therapist and moved his way into Nursing in 1974. As a Nurse, majority of his 50 years was  spent serving in the emergency department at Memorial Medical Center Modesto. Steve started working at Memorial South Hospital Ceres and moved to Memorial North Hospital in Modesto the very first day it opened. When Steve retired from the hospital in 2012, he was the longest running employee! His nursing ability and experience has proved invaluable to The Medics Plus Inc. 

William Bell



O: 209-522-2299Ext. 1002

F: 209-846-9255

    Our Co-Founder and President, William Bell has served in the emergency medical field for 19  years as an Emergency Medical Technician. The majority of that time was spent  on an ALS ambulance, as a firefighter, and then working events with The Medics Plus. William has been teaching all kinds of CPR, First Aid, and EMS classes for over 15 years. He has taught close to 10,000 students and counting! His medical knowledge and teaching ability has been a great asset to The Medics Plus Inc.  


Christopher Benham

Vice President, Chief Operations Officer 


O: 209-522-2299 Ext. 1001 | C: 209-568-2614

F: 209-846-9255

    Our Co-Founder and Vice President Field Operations, Christopher Benham has been in emergency medicine for 10 years. All of which as been in event medical services. Chris has successfuly managed event medical services at over 5,000 events and counting! Since 2011 he has gained the experience and knowledge to handle any and every situation an event can through at him. From planning out the logistics to working with city and state officials to make each and every event not only a success, but safe for everyone involved. His passion, drive, and commitment has been a huge part to the success of The Medics Plus Inc.